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The amount of noise on the internet is just staggering. We're all sick of it, right? You (and your customers) want great content — content that is sharp, informative, and entertaining.

My name is Nathan Phelps, and I'm a Nashville-based copywriter who specializes in inbound marketing and storytelling.  

Copy + Strategy = A Match Made in Heaven

Marketing strategy and great copywriting go hand in hand, and the best results come from a proper blend of storytelling, context, and timing. 

I've worked with Youtube stars, educational institutions, musicians, forklift companies, magazines, consulting businesses, and even fashion stylists on finding what's unique about their brand and translating it to their audiences. 


"Nathan has an excellent copywriting skills. His persuasive writing style was evidence in the successful delivery of my project. Thank you Nathan."

"Great job...will plan to do many more and you're getting even better and better as you learn my quirky preferences. Thanks!"

"I want to give him a bad review and zero stars across the board so nobody else wants to use him and he remains available to work for us...ha ha!"

Over the years, I've learned that:

- People want to BELIEVE in a brand. 

- Nobody likes fluff. 

- Real marketing happens when people connect with your brand emotionally. 

- We can foster these moments of belief and understanding through strategical content. Who woulda thought? 




Nashville, TN


M-F from 9-5



Getting to Know Each Other
First, let's figure out if we can work together. On a quick call, I'll be asking the usual questions: your business's story, your budget, deadline, and what problem you need copy to solve. You can also ask me anything you'd like! Bring it on. 

Getting to Know the Project
If Crafted Copy can help, we'll hop on another call to go over the project and scope in detail. 

Inbound Marketing Session
It's not always easy knowing what content you need or what your brand's style, personality, and message should look like. If you're in that boat, we'll hop on a separate, paid call to analyze your business and target demographic using the inbound methodology. And after that call, you'll get a detailed rundown of that entire conversation, organized for future use. 


Once we feel good about the details and know exactly where we're headed, I'll give you a set quote.

All set? Fantastic.

I’ll shoot over the contract and invoice for a 50% down deposit and write you in at my earliest availability (usually 1 – 2 weeks).

Typically, I ask for: 

  • Any existing brand guides or personality guidelines.
  • Wireframes or website mocks. 
  • Access privileges to analytics. 

Deliverables: A firm quote and a scheduled kick-off date. Yee haw! We're gonna work together! 



First, I analyze your industry, identify your competitors' strengths and weaknesses, and gather as much information I can about how to make the best copy for your brand. 

Once I've got your brand under my wing, I write your first draft. 

I have agency experience, so I know how to craft my writing in a way that translates easily to devs, designers, and anyone else on your team. 

Deliverables: a Google Doc chock full of questions and comments. 


You'll take a look and offer all the feedback you've got without holding back. We'll go over  everything together on a call too. It's rare to have more than one revision. 

Once you're happy with the results, you'll deliver the remaining funds and I'll deliver your finished documents. 

Deliverables: A great piece of content that's ready to roll out the door! 



WHABAM! – It's your big day! You let that content fly, and the crowd goes mental, sales skyrocket, and the next thing you know, John Cena is throwing you parties. 

Deliverables: One happy business full of additional leads and sales. 


Once the dust settles from your resounding victory, it's time to get back in the ring.  For website copy, ad campaigns, and landing pages, I can provide different versions for split testing that will improve upon even our best control set. You show me the data, and I write you research-backed variants! 

Deliverables: Options for testing, and a copywriter who knows your business and is always up for working on new and exciting projects!



Nashville, TN


M-F from 9-5


My work

Say hello to versatility. I've had the privilege of writing copy for all kinds of businesses from entertainers to payment processing companies, and I can tackle everything from total website revisions to ad hoc video scripts.

Viral Example.jpg

Viral social media Content

As the content strategist and social media coordinator behind Youtube phenoms "The Piano Guys", I've consistently brainstormed and released social media content that has reached millions of people and translated into an robust increase in sales. 


Website Copy

Tidal Commerce is revolutionizing the payment processing space by focusing on authenticity and transparency. I partnered with them to rewrite their existing sales pages and introduce new feature sets, and the pages came out wonderfully. 


Email Marketing Funnels

It's not just about proper segmentation. An email marketing funnel is only as good as its content, and you have to have emails that are genuinely valuable to your consumers, otherwise it's simply a waste of time and money. I worked with an audio academy to write a series of emails that averaged more than 40% open rates and and boosted monthly applications by 30%. 


Product Descriptions

Production descriptions should accurately convey what your product is while focusing on the benefit the consumer gets from purchasing it. Tela Medical had a suite of complicated products they wanted to sell, and explaining it in a consumer-friendly fashion wasn't easy. But, after some target demographic and style research, we were really pleased with the results! 


Video/Broadcast commercial scripts

Video and broadcast commercial scripts should be succinct, tell a story, and drive action. No word should be wasted, and this video script for a video game company's crowdfunding overview video is a perfect example of that emotional efficiency. 


a bit about Me

Hi, I'm Nathan — founder of Crafted Copy. 

I'm a marketing agency veteran with a keen eye for improving brands, and I got real sick of bad copy — which is what led me to create Crafted Copy. It's your healthy alternative to bad internet writing. 

Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, I spend most of my time avoiding crowds of "woo girls" on those damned pedal taverns (anyone who's been to Nashville knows what I'm talking about).

Other than that, I read, I run, I play guitar, and I write. 


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